Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Our sermon on Sunday was about determing the "dipstick" reading of your annointing of the Holy Spirit. He listed seven indicators that are played out in your life when you are freshly oiled with the Holy Spirit, and it really sparked something in me. I desire to be completely submissive to the Lord's will in my life, and therefore I need to be obedient to defining my character in line with His. One of the things I'm not consistent with allowing in my life is His Character of Orderliness. God is a God of order, and with the Holy Spirit inside me, I have the power and desire to create and maintain order in my life, when I'm submissive to it. So, I handed over control of my schedule to the Lord and said, "Go ahead, create order!" and He completely has! I've had more time, more opportunity, and have gotten so much more accomplished. Today was a day of rest, not a Sabbath, but a mandatory "Your foot is still broken and you can't push the bounds of your healing" kind of rest. As I walked around the house I was simply, thankful. There is a deeper sense of order in every room.
Top Ten Thankful List
My Home as it is Today

  • 10. The garage houses both cars at night, and the kids can access all of their toys to play outside.
  • 9. My couch is currently de-dog-haired and more enjoyable to sit on (and smell) at night with Jason.
  • 8. I can actually see all of the boys window sill, which has been hidden with toy clutter for more than 4 months.
  • 7. Fresh flowers in a clean kitchen from my adorable husband.
  • 6. An empty sink. No dirty dishes. Amazing.
  • 5. Decorating vicariously through my daughter's room. Jason won't allow hot pink and zebra in the Master go figure.
  • 4. Toothbrushes in the kids bathrooms that I know haven't touched the toilet yet.
  • 3. No laundry in any of the baskets. Now THAT's THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Can I get an AMEN!
  • 2. A balanced check book, money in savings, and all bills paid. Blessed.
  • 1. Time to sit and read my bible with nothing staring at me to be taken care of. Priceless.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We had such a busy day, and I was sick so much the end of the week, that Valentines kind of went by in a blur! We still enjoyed taking the opportunity to remember how grateful we are to have so much to love in our lives. Our beautiful kids, our wonderful family, our fantastic friends, and our astonishing Father who lavishes us with love and gifts from above!
The kids had a blast making their own Valentine Card this year. They were thrilled with how it turned out! See for yourself. . .