Friday, May 23, 2008

Corban's a Graduate!

Corban's Preschool Graduation
May 15, 2008

We are so proud of Corban as he celebrated Graduation and his last day of preschool yesterday. He loves to go to school for his friends, to color, and that's about it. I am honored to be his mom, and so proud of all the good things people have to say about Corban. Mom's tell me Corban is their child's true friend, that they see their sons being who they are when they play with Corban, and that they value him as a precious part of their children's lives. It makes my heart sing in praise to the Lord.


Susan and Kyle Corban & Mommy Jennifer and Zach

Corban and Evan

Corban has been set aside for the Lord. I have known since the day he came out that he has been given a voice to speak the truth boldly and clearly, (and loudly), and I have seen that gift confirmed repeatedly with the prophetic words he speaks as if they're no big deal. And now, I see also that the Father has gifted Corban with a heart of friendship. People are at ease with him, he makes them feel comfortable to be who they were created to be. I pray that he will continue to be a compassionate, loyal, true, and vocal friend to all he meets. Kindergarten watch out, get your earplugs ready, Corban's on his way!

Corban with Nana and Mimi

Go Astros

The boys finished up their season of playing T-Ball. It seems the season flew by, which means it was a joy and delight for them to participate. Man, some sports seasons seem to crawl by with practices and games, and the weather, uughh. The boys played in a Grapevine league, and just the glimpse of the water on the Lake twice a week was soothing, we need to get out there more. Corban is really the more sports oriented child of my 3, or I should say team sports oriented. Nathan enjoyed the season, but doesn't have the zeal for it that Corban has displayed. Corban's best friend Kyle played on the team, and Kyle's dad Kyle coached. They are good friends of ours from church and the boys had a great time playing with them. They were delighted that Nana and Grandpa made it out for almost all of the games, and also enjoyed having Mimi, Aunt Becky, and Uncle David come ROOT them on too. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of them in their adorable uniforms, that's what it's all about, right?

Clean Cut Corban

Now, come on! You knew it wouldn't be too long for me to hold out whacking off Corban's hair too! I must admit, that now that we've done it, of course he's adorable, I mean it's Corban, but I can't wait for it to grow out again! He's just my little surfer dude, and it fits his personality so much better. But that being said, getting his haircut was a blessing from God. You can not even begin to comprehend my shock when the stylist called me over to show me the lice in Corban's hair. They were all full grown, and there weren't very many, but they were there, crawling around in my baby's beautiful hair. I almost lost it! The stylist cutting Brooklyn's hair said, "Oh, well she doesn't have any." Which turned out to not be the truth! Nathan was spared, and of course Jason's bald head was clear, and according to Jason I am clear too. It's been an exhausting couple of days trying to completely strip beds, clean the house, do laundry, bag up toys, etc etc etc. They both only had a few full grown lice, so it was a recent exposure, and we haven't seen any in days, believe me I go through their hair strand by strand! No nits either. Had Brooklyn not insisted, as she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do, incessantly to go get her hair cut shorter for summer, we might not have found them until after they had laid eggs and multiplied exponentially. Thank you Father!
Picture of Corban's New Do Coming Soon

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Romans 12 Kind of Day!

Romans 12:13
"When God's children are in need, be the one to help them out."
Our family has been preparing to bless another family for the past month. The announcement at church was made that a family currently living in a shelter, would be earning housing assistance through a ministry in this area. Our church was called by the Lord to help furnish the apartment for them. At first, I felt only to supply a few things, but soon after, the Lord blessed us with a monetary blessing and our tithe from that turned into something much bigger. We were honored to partner with Grace Outreach and with the Lord in blessing this sweet family.

Brooklyn, Nathan, and Corban were able to join me in this act of worship by helping me shop and choose things for Isabel's room. If I would point something out in a store, they would say, "Is that for me?" and I would say, "No." and then they would break out in a huge smile and say, "Is it for Isabel?" They were excited to give her things, pray for her, and prepare a safe place for her to play and sleep.

The family arrived at 4pm yesterday to a fully furnished and stocked apartment. They were in complete shock. The boys were afraid to enter their room, but once they did they grabbed their toys, chose their beds, and began playing. There were balls, scooters, walkie talkies, board games, in their room, and two new bikes and countless new shirts and pants in their closet. Isabel right away began opening the closet full of toys we had bought for her. When she saw the baby doll and stroller she said, "I always want one of those!" It was so precious. The kids stayed in her room, helping her unpackage all of her treasures.

It was wonderful for them to be there and share this with them. I want service, a heart for the poor and lost, a giving spirit to be part of who they are. At first I was a little concerned that they would be overwhelming in a tiny apartment, and I was dissappointed I couldn't find a sitter to watch them, but God knew better. They were purposed to be there, for them, for Isabel and her family, and for the countless of others they will bless in their lifetime because of the heritage of selflessness Jason and I are growing in them. My mom had a great time sewing little prom dresses down to her size so she could play dress up. She was thrilled and twirled all around her room in the different princess gowns!
This precious mother began jumping up and down when she saw her Master Bedroom. The bed looked absolutely gorgeous and the adjoining bath coordinated beautifully.The cabinets were stocked, the fridge full of fresh food, this family has a chance at a wonderful fresh start.
Please continue to be in prayer for this young family. She is looking for a job in the Grapevine area, so please pray earnestly for that.

Update! Veins a blowin!

I took both the boys in, separately, yesterday and things went perfectly! I called ahead to ask when their best pediatric blood drawer was scheduled, and went for it. I took Corban first who screamed and kicked at the nurses the worst I have ever heard a child. I had to lay completely on top of him to keep him still, it was horrible, but they stuck him once, filled the vile, he stopped suddenly, amazed that we were done, did a quick smirk at the nurses realizing what a silly fool he'd been, and we were out of there. 45 minutes later I pulled Nathan out of school a few minutes early and took him. Of course Corban's in the back seat going, "It's really not a big deal Nathan. It only hurt for a second. Mommy picking your pimple hurts worse." Nathan walked in, sat in the chair, watched them do the entire thing, and when the blood was draining he just said, "Cool!" Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Watch the video to the right. God is the coolest and most awesome! It's worth 8 minutes of your time, and it will give you goosebumps!

Veins a blowing!

We had another horrific five year old well check visit yesterday. Nathan's last year was a nightmare, and now with Corban it wasn't any better! Apparently the boys have blood that clots easily, and they have veins that roll and blow. Three times we've tried to get Nathan's cholesterol level checked because a test came back with a high result, but everytime they keep blowing his veins, in both arms, digging and proding trying to take his blood. Same thing with Corban yesterday. It's one of the most horrifying positions to be in as a mom, holding your son trying to calm him as they fish around in his arms with an instument of torture. After the arms were of no use, they turned to pricking his fingers and heels for blood, one drop and they would quit bleeding! They were squeezing the ever livin out of his sweet little fingers, while he screamed and I cried, and we left the visit with no blood to send off for testing, and a frazzled mom, exhausted child, bruising arms, and only the joy of another visit to try again to look forward to. Please join us in praying for veins that make themselves accesable, a tech that has a supernatural sense of touch to find them on the first stick, and blood that will flow. I have to take both boys in again soon to have another go at it, and before I do I have to know the appointment is covered in prayer. Oh, and perhaps I'll have Jason join us to help with the holding and consoling!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Corban Rides Away!

Last week Nathan got some time alone with Dad to learn how to ride his bike, and this week it was Corban's turn. He picked it up really quickly, Jason knew he was ready when he said, "Dad, why are you holding my neck?" So Jason let go and off he rode! Way to go Corban!