Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Love My Crazy Family

Selah Studios

Ok, seriously, look at those beautiful children.   Who am I to be entrusted with them?  These kids.  These amazing creatures.  These unbelievable lives with unique and perfect personalities, and such amazing purposes and plans to live out.  I am blessed.

Look at my Brooklyn.  Such a mature and beautiful young lady, inside more gorgeous and precious.  I love to sit and chat with her.  She's a deep well.  She knows the Lord, talks with Him, cries when she talks about what He's breaking her heart towards.  She's passionate and longs to follow Him and not get in His way in her life.  She's a typical teenager.  But she's a super hero too.  Willing to help out with her four siblings, and invaluable in helping me take care of her great grandmother who lives with us.   Inspiring when she tumbles through the air at gymnastics, beautiful to watch and listen to play the piano, my friend second, my precious daughter first.  I just love her.

Do you see this boy?  This is my son Nathan, my gift from God.  I prayed for him endless nights and months struggling with infertility.  He is my treasure.  He is my answered prayer.  Double digits, he's growing so fast.  He is my cuddler, sensitive, strong, affectionate beyond what can be contained.  God has gifted him with a mind that is incredible.  Works in a way that speaks purpose and heavenly design.  He's going to change the world and bring a lot of love to it.  He struggles to know how perfectly created he is, and that breaks my heart, I see nothing but God's hand on him.  He is a passionate teacher.  He loves to bring people into new understandings.  He loves martial arts.  He's good at it.  He's precious to watch picking out tunes on the guitar with his dad.  He makes me smile and talking with him is refreshing.  Can't imagine a single day without his smile.  He's absolutely perfect to me.

Oh, Corban.  My gift with purchase.  The answer to a prayer I was too afraid to utter.  Another child only possible in light of my inferitlity condition at the end of a succesful pregnancy.  A chance happening so small the Dr's didn't warn me it was even possible.  He was from God, and so we named him Corban, and set him aside for the Lord.  He is funny, and tender.  Strong, and loud.  Quiet in his love for his family, but diligent in defending us all.  He is quick with sarcasm, and quicker with a smile to follow it up so no one misunderstands his heart.  He is athletic in a way no one else in the family is.  He is agile and strong and sharp.  He is a true friend.  He notices people in the room that others might overlook.  I adore him.  He is a delight in our family.  Everyday with him is guaranteed to be full of laughter.  I am in awe of the plans the Lord has for him.

Bekelech Eva.  The one sent to challenge our family to grow like never before.  She is a true care giver at heart.  She loves to help.  She loves to be right in the middle of what's happening in the family.  God has blessed her with an innocence and spirit that is life giving.   She loves math.  Loves music.  Loves loves loves to dance.  God holds her firmly in His hands and He has laid a path before her that will serve His kingdom and bring delight to many.  We are grateful for being called to be her family.

Caleb.  Our crazy, never still, never quiet, never ending bundle of silliness.  He can repeat every joke and slam he's ever heard on tv, with hilarious accuracy to the situation.  He runs on pure kinetic energy, I believe his body believes if he ever stops he'll never get started again, and so it keeps twitching, and dancing, and jumping, and shaking, and fidgeting, and touching everything every second of the day.  He is a spectacular hugger, a strong little man.  He will grow in wisdom and esteem and he will be used mightily in the Lord.  We thank God everyday for calling us to "Go bring Home Caleb."