Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Nephew!

Carson James Graham
Born March 30, 2009
To Becky & Kevin Graham
7lbs 11oz
19 1/2 inches

All of Ruth's Kiddos
The First Cousin Group Shot!
The Graham Family
Proud Uncle Jason
Aunt Gina is in love!

Thank you Jesus for Carson's safe arrival, and for the precious gift of his life in our family. May he from this day forward seek you, hear you, know you, and lead others toward your freedom.

We're so proud of Becky. She did an amazing job and is a natural mom! We can't wait to watch her grow and change in her new role! The kids were smitten from the moment they layed eyes on him, and were giggling and fighting over who got to hold him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Texas Beauties!

I couldn't help but think about the first time I had all three of my Texans in the Bluebonnets when we were headed out to take these pictures. Corban was only 2 weeks old if I remember correctly, so tiny and all red! Now look how big they are. Next year when the bluebonnets poke through we'll be so close to adding another child or two to our family. I can't imagine the pictures of my black and white family in the wildflowers! How awesome!

Nathan My Son who likes to analyze everything. Always two steps behind dad wanting to help with every project he's involved in. "Can I help Daddy?" Always using his hands and his mind.

Corban. Still the loudest Root in the bunch. Prays like a warrior, his words melt your heart. Laugh that's infectious, and a smile a mile wide. He is a kissing machine. Little Cuddle Bug.

Brooklyn. Beautiful from the inside out. Curious and talkative. The giggliest girl in the world. So compassionate and tender hearted.

What a blessing, even on this day when they were fighting like crazed monkeys. Priceless and beautiful.

And then there's this delight. He stayed way up by the highway away from the action, lucky dog. Wrangling three kids in the wild is no fun, can't wait to do it with four or five! That's a nice new ride isn't it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 09

It hasn't been the most exciting spring break in the typical sense of taking vacations or crazy activities, but we've had our fair share of excitement.

1. Corban's Birthday Party which I will blog once I get the pictures from my sweet friend Debra.

2. We finally bought a bigger car! Full of it's own drama, but a blessing nonetheless.

3. We finally announced to everyone that we are adopting from Ethiopia! Visit our Adoption Blog to stay abreast of all that! Click on the Africa Image on our SideBar or Click HERE

4. The kids had a fun evening riding horses at Papa and Grammy's.
5. The kids spent the day with Nana and Grandpa (& Uncle David) making Stepping Stones and playing hard.

6. They got to sleep in every day! What's better than that!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Replacing the Lord as the Foundation of Who I AM!

“For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death.”
2 Corinthians 7:10 NASB

We all go through trying times in our relationships, especially our marriages. It's been a difficult couple of weeks at the Root House. As Jason has began a closer more intimate walk with the Lord the last 6 weeks, including being baptized with the Holy Spirit, we've experienced calls on our life, and joys like never before. But, with a fresh indwelling of the Holy Spirit, comes conviction, repentence, and confession. God in His infinite mercy gives us the opportunity to cleanse our hearts and our minds of our sins. Some of the things Jason has confessed have been difficult for me as a woman and a wife to accept. As God has blessed us in very specific ways over the last couple of days, confirming His presence throughout the healing process, it also purified me in ways I never expected.

I have failed to realize the pedastal I placed my husband on in my life. I had mistakenly used my faith in his devotion to me and purity to me as a rock of my foundation upon which I built my self esteem, my hope, and my security.

Satan would have my foundation crumble along with any violation (no matter how insignificant by the world's standards) on Jason's part.

When God through His word says You are to have no other god's before me. He means it. When we proclaim All Glory is His, All honor is His, You are all I need Lord, You alone sit on the throne, you are my rock, He expects us to mean it, and all other substituions will fall short, will crumble, will hurt us.

My self esteem, my hope, my worthiness, my future, all of those are supposed to be built on Christ. I had unintentionally built them on my husband, or at least an unhealthy portion of them, and whenever he chose to stumble, I risked crumbling myself.

So, I had my own confessions to make. My own repentence and forgiveness to ask for.

Jason is a gift to me from the Lord. He is called upon by God to be a protection for me and our children. He is a gift of companionship and enjoyment. He is a source through which my Father provides for us financially, emotionally, and physically. He fulfills in me everything the Lord has set aside for Him to fill. And nothing more.

So I thank the Lord for the fire we have walked through, for His protection in it, His mercy and grace in the timing and healing process. For the power by which He uses all things for His Glory!

An intimate walk with the Lord and with your partner cannot survive with secrets. They are an open doorway for Satan, a foothold for him to gain access in your life. The pain and temporary discomfort of revealing them is nothing compared to the destructive power they can have when left in the dark. I honor my husband for his transparency. For confessing everything, even the simple things such as being sorry for even kissing or holding hands with girlfriends he had before we were together. (So sweet) From the small, to the massive, he is allowing the Holy Spirit to purify every portion of his past and his future, and I am so thrilled to be married to a man who has committed himself to the journey with such abandonment.

I praise My Father for our AMAZING marriage, our UNBELIEVABLE family, and our BLESSED life. It is because of Him that we are closer, stronger, and more resiliant than ever.

Just as a note to show honor to my husband, Jason has read and approved my words here because everything we do is for God's Glory. We shall overcome by the word of our testimony.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corban's 6th Birthday Party

Corban decided he wanted to have a Super Mario Birthday Party this year, so we booked the arcade at Apex Academy. The kids could play on the many arcade games, climb on the indoor or outdoor jungle gym, watch a movie in the theater, or play pool next to the diner. All his family showed up, a rare event!, and most of his friends who weren't on Spring Break travels were there to wish him a Happy 6th!

My sweet friend Debra was kind enough to make Corban's cake, a detail I let slip through the cracks until Friday night! She only had a couple of hours to complete it, and I think it turned out absolutely FABULOUS! He loved it, and everyone said it was delish!

Everyone got in on the Arcade action including papa who was seen trying his rythm out on Dance Dance Revolution! Isn't Adiah just getting so big!
The indoor jungle gym was a load of fun with slides, ropes, and tunnels. Nathan's tricks on this were quite impressive.

Natalie trying her skills on the Mrs. PacMan machine!

Papa and Grammy & Aunt Kelly Mimi and Gigi

Uncle David and Aunt Becky & Grandpa and Nana

Cousins Emily and Ridge
Best Neighbor Bud MyKenna

Peyton and Madison Morel

It's Good to be a Friend!

Corban and Grayson in the Mario Room! Corban was working so hard to reach all the peddles and gears lying flat on his back!