Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 09

It hasn't been the most exciting spring break in the typical sense of taking vacations or crazy activities, but we've had our fair share of excitement.

1. Corban's Birthday Party which I will blog once I get the pictures from my sweet friend Debra.

2. We finally bought a bigger car! Full of it's own drama, but a blessing nonetheless.

3. We finally announced to everyone that we are adopting from Ethiopia! Visit our Adoption Blog to stay abreast of all that! Click on the Africa Image on our SideBar or Click HERE

4. The kids had a fun evening riding horses at Papa and Grammy's.
5. The kids spent the day with Nana and Grandpa (& Uncle David) making Stepping Stones and playing hard.

6. They got to sleep in every day! What's better than that!


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