Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank You Brooklyn!

I was cleaning through yet another pile of school junk, I swore I'd made it through all of them, but alas, there was one hiding in the kitchen, and I came across this little gem . . . I love you too Brooklyn, you've inspired me!
I love Brooklyn because she's sweet as can be, through and through. Whenever I'm stuck in the middle of a difficult project with work, she's always willing to make the boys lunch, or everyone dinner. I love that whenever I can't find her, I finally walk to the black comfy chair in my bedroom, and there she'll be, nose stuck in a thick book.
I love the way she sits next to me in my office and watches me work. Over and over she'll just exclaim, "You're the coolest mom. You can do anything on the computer." I love that she giggles and smiles and lights up the room when she walks in. I love that she's stubborn about eating vegetables, but doesn't throw them up at the table anymore. I'm thrilled to have a coupon buddy in the grocery store, and I love listening to her get her "Mommy voice" going when she's trying to reign in the boys. She sounds just like me. I love her beautiful smile, her amazing eyes, you can see Jesus right in the middle of them, I swear it! Look for yourself.
I love everything about you Brooklyn, and I'm thrilled each day with the way you're growing and maturing. I laugh at you when you're staring at yourself in the mirror, and I remember noticing my mom doing the same thing when I was your age and I was the one staring. . . It's ok, I stare at you too. Totally and completely in awe.
By: Gina Root

What happens when. . .

Your husband manually turns on the sprinkler system for "10 minutes" and then forgets?

Your neighbors text you at 6am and ask you why you're watering the sewers at the end of the street with the river flowing down from your house and . . . . . . .

This! Gotta love him! And, yes, I surely do!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brother Talk

Here's what I just overheard from my office. . .

Nathan (7) : "Corban, what are you doing? You were supposed to bring me toilet paper!"
Corban (6) : "Oh, sorry Nathan. I was on my way and I got distracted. I'll go right now."
Nathan: "I don't need it anymore."
Corban: "Oh, yeah, well, that's true."
Sound of feet running off to play. . .

Why not may mom ask?
and yes it's verbatim! Who says kids can't speak properly these days!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Our family celebrated the 4th of July again at Kaboomtown in Addison, Texas. Our annual tradition continues. This year we were overjoyed with the additions of Colin Melson and Carson Graham, born into the family this year and forced to endure the heat and join in on our revelry.
Although it was hot, the weather was actually quite endurable this year. There was a good breeze, and enough clouds that the sun snuck behind them throughout the evening offering relief!
The fireworks were amazing as always, and they are really perfecting the timing of the blasts with the music so incredibly.
We thank God for this country that we live in, the freedom we enjoy, and the men and women, past, present and future who sacrifice so much to ensure our safety and rights.
God Bless America