Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corban's 6th Birthday Party

Corban decided he wanted to have a Super Mario Birthday Party this year, so we booked the arcade at Apex Academy. The kids could play on the many arcade games, climb on the indoor or outdoor jungle gym, watch a movie in the theater, or play pool next to the diner. All his family showed up, a rare event!, and most of his friends who weren't on Spring Break travels were there to wish him a Happy 6th!

My sweet friend Debra was kind enough to make Corban's cake, a detail I let slip through the cracks until Friday night! She only had a couple of hours to complete it, and I think it turned out absolutely FABULOUS! He loved it, and everyone said it was delish!

Everyone got in on the Arcade action including papa who was seen trying his rythm out on Dance Dance Revolution! Isn't Adiah just getting so big!
The indoor jungle gym was a load of fun with slides, ropes, and tunnels. Nathan's tricks on this were quite impressive.

Natalie trying her skills on the Mrs. PacMan machine!

Papa and Grammy & Aunt Kelly Mimi and Gigi

Uncle David and Aunt Becky & Grandpa and Nana

Cousins Emily and Ridge
Best Neighbor Bud MyKenna

Peyton and Madison Morel

It's Good to be a Friend!

Corban and Grayson in the Mario Room! Corban was working so hard to reach all the peddles and gears lying flat on his back!