Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Texas Beauties!

I couldn't help but think about the first time I had all three of my Texans in the Bluebonnets when we were headed out to take these pictures. Corban was only 2 weeks old if I remember correctly, so tiny and all red! Now look how big they are. Next year when the bluebonnets poke through we'll be so close to adding another child or two to our family. I can't imagine the pictures of my black and white family in the wildflowers! How awesome!

Nathan My Son who likes to analyze everything. Always two steps behind dad wanting to help with every project he's involved in. "Can I help Daddy?" Always using his hands and his mind.

Corban. Still the loudest Root in the bunch. Prays like a warrior, his words melt your heart. Laugh that's infectious, and a smile a mile wide. He is a kissing machine. Little Cuddle Bug.

Brooklyn. Beautiful from the inside out. Curious and talkative. The giggliest girl in the world. So compassionate and tender hearted.

What a blessing, even on this day when they were fighting like crazed monkeys. Priceless and beautiful.

And then there's this delight. He stayed way up by the highway away from the action, lucky dog. Wrangling three kids in the wild is no fun, can't wait to do it with four or five! That's a nice new ride isn't it!