Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update! Veins a blowin!

I took both the boys in, separately, yesterday and things went perfectly! I called ahead to ask when their best pediatric blood drawer was scheduled, and went for it. I took Corban first who screamed and kicked at the nurses the worst I have ever heard a child. I had to lay completely on top of him to keep him still, it was horrible, but they stuck him once, filled the vile, he stopped suddenly, amazed that we were done, did a quick smirk at the nurses realizing what a silly fool he'd been, and we were out of there. 45 minutes later I pulled Nathan out of school a few minutes early and took him. Of course Corban's in the back seat going, "It's really not a big deal Nathan. It only hurt for a second. Mommy picking your pimple hurts worse." Nathan walked in, sat in the chair, watched them do the entire thing, and when the blood was draining he just said, "Cool!" Praise the Lord!