Friday, May 23, 2008

Go Astros

The boys finished up their season of playing T-Ball. It seems the season flew by, which means it was a joy and delight for them to participate. Man, some sports seasons seem to crawl by with practices and games, and the weather, uughh. The boys played in a Grapevine league, and just the glimpse of the water on the Lake twice a week was soothing, we need to get out there more. Corban is really the more sports oriented child of my 3, or I should say team sports oriented. Nathan enjoyed the season, but doesn't have the zeal for it that Corban has displayed. Corban's best friend Kyle played on the team, and Kyle's dad Kyle coached. They are good friends of ours from church and the boys had a great time playing with them. They were delighted that Nana and Grandpa made it out for almost all of the games, and also enjoyed having Mimi, Aunt Becky, and Uncle David come ROOT them on too. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of them in their adorable uniforms, that's what it's all about, right?