Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cub Scout Family Camp Out

We went camping with our Cub Scout Pack this past weekend, and we really roughed it! There were no bathrooms and the woods were so full of poison ivy you could not leave the trails! They had 4 port-a-potties for the entire campground, and they were completely full! Let's just say if you used it, you would get splash back. I used it once, in 36 hours. I held it like a champion the rest of the time. Despite the bathroom amenities, and the 4 man tent we squeezed our family of five in to for the night, it was a beautiful trip. The weather was perfect, it was extremely relaxing, and the kids got absolutely filthy and loved every minute of it. I even brought home a souvenir, a big ol fat tick with a big white dot on his back rode home on my tummy, or in my tummy I should say! yee haw! On Saturday afternoon the kids went through a series of stations. In one they built napkin holders, in another they learned about astronomy, in another they built and launched alka-seltzer rockets, and in ours they learned to shoot rifles and pistols with rubber band ammo. At the final campfire when asked what was the most fun thing of the camp out, the kids all screamed Rubber Band Guns. Yes, Jason and I are the coolest. It made my trip into the boonies of South Fort Worth to buy them all worth it.The kids took part in a special ceremony during the final Camp Fire. They learned how to properly retire both the Stars and Stripes and the Texas State Flag. It was really inspiring and patriotic. We were thrilled to get home and get in the shower! The water ran black off every one's body! We love the great outdoors! God made some really cool stuff and it's a treat to leave the city and enjoy it every once in awhile. . . as long as my running water and toilet is not too far away that is. . .