Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Raining Teeth

I am officially the tooth puller of the neighborhood. I even do drive by service. I wasn't surprised to get the call from Evan late one night asking to come down for his tooth. He ran down in his pajamas in the rain, desperate for his first visit from the tooth fairy!

Corban kept the fun going the same week losing his first tooth! It was a race to get that one out since the permanent tooth was already growing in behind it, not under it, behind it.

The very next night Corban lost his second tooth. I think the Tooth Fairy was confused, and maybe thought it was a duplicate work order she received, because she forgot to show up the second night! But, we emailed her, and let her know we understood that losing our first two teeth, two nights in a row, would obviously be confusing to her, and that it would still be waiting the following night. Thanks goodness she was able to make it by then!
Two days after Corban's 2nd tooth loss, Nathan runs into my office holding his tooth, he pulled it out himself. That's very much like him! He chose to sleep in Brooklyn's room that night and the tooth fairy had the hardest time finding his tooth amidst all the blankets and pillows strewn everywhere, but good thing she's a fairy and can look in all those hard to see places, she finally found it! I think she took out a loan just for our house this week!


Debra said...

Two teeth in two days ... well, really three. That tooth fairy has been busy! Cracking me up!