Monday, June 15, 2009

Rollin Down the River 2009

We have been so busy since the end of the school year I've hardly had time to sleep, much less get on and upload pictures from all of our activities! I'll attempt to catch up our story line now that I have a moment where it's ok to push off the impending deadlines of work and do something a little more fun for a moment. . .

Our 2nd Annual trip to Lake LBJ/Colorado River was huge success! Unfortunately The Woods Gang could not join us this year, but Brooklyn brought along her BFF Lauren Lee, and a good time was still had by all!
The biggest surprise of the year was Bill's "present" to Mom on her birthday, um. . ., of a JET SKI! It added a whole nother element of fun! Several were able to go out on the boat while others rode the wake on the jet ski. Jason took off with the girls in tow, and returned a long while later where he proceeded to jump off and swim to the dock, and they took off without him. Freaked this momma out! I couldn't believe he had taught them how to drive it! They did amazing though and I remained relatively calm until two other teenagers crashed less than 100 yards off of our dock, after which, I was nervous for them every moment they were out, but I survived and they were amazing. They went after the biggest wakes available, crossing them perpendicular to get the most air! Lauren was the master at sharp donut turns and then zooming out from them. They only managed to lose one another off the back end of it a couple of times!. It was crazy to watch them stop in the middle of the river and perform this acrobatic driver switch maneuver! I was shocked they could switch places without tipping the thing over! I never had as much luck trying to pull it into the dock. I tipped over every time I slowed down the speed! :)
Nathan's hair was absolutely hilarious this year! Every time we would go out on the boat or jet ski his hair would be wind blown so high he looked like a mad scientist with his dark goggles on. I couldn't help but take a picture of his adorableness!
Nathan was a little more timid than usual on this trip, until we got him out with daddy on the jet ski and on the tube with Hobby. Hobby was driving so fast and whipping him around so hard I thought he would hate it, but he was laughing so hard and having a ball. That is, until the last turn, I thought the boat was going over we took it so sharp, and he shot off across the water so fast I knew it was going to end badly! Sure enough he was dumped hard core into the water, and when we finally got back to him, the tears were enough for him to call it a day. The adults didn't stick to driving the kids around, we had an awesome time of our own! Jason and Bill went out skiing which was a lot of fun for them. Hobby was impressive on the slalom.
We had seen a kid going by on a tube and he was literally surfing it with no rope or anything to hold on to. Jason of course will try anything and so he tried, but as you can see, it was impossible for him to get up!
It was also on this trip out that Bill whipped Jason around on the tube so hard he acquired a 12 inch by 8 inch bruise on his inner thigh upon impact. I thought I had hit hard when I could have sworn I lost my right you know what and cracked a rib! When I came to the surface I realized the only thing missing was my swimsuit, and I had to work quickly to cover up before the boat circled around to get me! :)Even Mimi got in on the action. She loved the jet ski too, and was a willing participant in all of Corban's diving contests. He laughed hard at her holding her nose all the time though!
Diving was Corban's obsession this trip. He could care less about the boat or the jet ski, he only wanted to jump in the water, from wherever he could, and the higher the better!
We had fun making up different positions to jump in, and even came up with games like having to sing part of a song during the long fall from the top roof! Bill and Jason tried repeatedly to master the football catch on the way off the roof, and Corban just had to show them up!
I managed to stay out of all the pictures this year, which wasn't exactly the plan, but worked out ok for me regardless! Thank God there wasn't a camera going off when we drove down and docked near the rocks. We swam into the submerged rocks and tried to climb up them. OMG! They were so covered in algae they were slippery as all get out! Mom and I must have looked like beached whales! We could only get about a quarter of the way up and we were stuck. We couldn't stop laughing which made it even more impossible to climb. Finally our men came to our rescue and pulled us up so we could get out of the freezing water! We had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.
It was a Fabulous trip and we are extremely grateful to Mimi and Hobby for taking us and letting us enjoy their toys!