Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy December!

We always like to start December off celebrating Jason! He is the most amazing man, he works tirelessly for us, blesses us with his humor, his respect, and most of all his time. He never stops trying to make himself and our family better, and we all are amazing for it. He celebrated his 34th birthday on the 11th. We dined with his family at Texas de Brazil, where our carnivore daughter was in absolute heaven, with just our Crazy Family at The Outback, and with my mom at Red Robin. Sums up Jason' favorites. . . I am lucky beyond words to be married to such a godly example of a husband, father, friend, and man!To celebrate the season, we've packed our schedule with fun family activities. Last weekend we saw 101 Dalmatians at the Fair Park Music Hall on Friday night, A Christmas Carol at Gateway on Saturday night, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town at the Casa Manana Children's Theater on Sunday. We've discussed how much we all love Broadway shows before!! This weekend, we didn't slow down for a second either! Friday night Brooklyn went to Gaylord's ICE with her BFF Lauren. She loved the 10 degree walk through Ice Sculptures, and especially the Ice Slide! On Saturday while Brooklyn was still with Lauren, Jason and I took the boys on the Grapevine Historic Railroads Polar Express train ride. The boys enjoyed the show which included singing and dancing by sweet little teeny boppers, and then the really cool train ride into the night with Santa Clause. Sunday, we spent the morning preparing the house for Bekeh and Caleb's arrival, and then went over to Six Flags' Holiday in the Park for the evening!Nathan was the only one who wanted to wait in line for an hour for the Snow Hill, so Jason did that while Brooklyn, Corban, and I rode the Shockwave over and over. By the third time, Corban was ready to sit in the front car and hold his hands up the entire time! He mastered it, and was so excited, he just had to show daddy, so when the boys finished up Snow Hill, we stood in line one last time to ride all together, and for Jason to watch him! He was so proud!Our favorite family ride is still the Titan, and let me tell you, the cold weather really intensifies the effects of the roller coasters! It was thrilling! I felt it all the way to my toes! The park was beautiful and they had bonfires set up throughout the walkways to warm up next to, and the vendors selling unique food items made the smells incredible to take in!Even with all the choices, Brooklyn still had to have her Pink Thing! She said it actually tasted better in the freezing cold as well! My favorite is just watching my kids enjoy each other and enjoy our family. While walking from one ride to the other Brooklyn grabbed my hand and said, "I really love our family!" That's where the Spirit of Christmas lives. In the love of family. Christ, coming to earth, teaching us how to love, enjoy our time together, and being filled with his Holy Spirit so that we are capable of loving each other fully and completely. That's Christmas, and we're full of it!