Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

  We sent our fourth baby off to Kindergarten today.  It's bittersweet.  I miss having the kids screaming and filling the house with a million decibels of noise, but I'm looking forward to the days with just Caleb and I at home, lunch dates with Jason, and time to get some things done that God has placed in my heart.  It's going to be a great year.
  We spent the weekend trying as best we could to prepare Bekeh for school.  We talked about lunch room etiquette, how she has to wipe herself in the bathroom, obey her teacher, stay in line, all the important things you know.  She did fine in her Pre-K class just down the hall last year, so I'm sure she'll be okay. . .  until 11:00am when she thinks it's time to go home and she realizes she's got 4 more hours!
The kids collectively decided that everyone should wear their new Converse shoes today, so the past week was also full of each of them deciding which outfit went best with their sneakers.  Bekeh was thrilled with her new school shirt and her "jeggings" that were "same as Brooklyn's."  She loves to point out things that are "same."    There were no tears shed by anyone today.  No one lingered at the door, or hesitated to leave mom or dad's side.  Brooklyn bolted from the car and only turned back to stick her tongue out at me as I brandished my camera half way out the window. . . They love adventure, new friends, and school too much to worry about such things.... besides they know I'll be first in line to pick them up, ok, fine,  so maybe, well, probably more like bringing up the rear in the carpool line as always. . . but nonetheless, I'll be there for them with all the hugs and kisses they missed while they were in class.

My Sweet Brooklyn is all grown up!  I can't believe she's in 6th Grade.  She is super excited about this year, mainly because she has started band.  She decided on the Clarinet, the girl is so much like her Aunt Becky it's crazy.  Her Uncle Kevin gave her the best possible gift over the summer.  He set up lessons for her with Mrs. Shine.  The Shines are Texas Band Educator legends from the Duncanville ISD and Brooklyn absolutely loved her.  It was worth the drive every week!  Brooklyn has a ton of confidence going into the year, and we are so grateful to Kevin and Mrs. Shine!
The other three are thankfully all at the same Elementary School this year, so my morning and afternoons aren't too crazy!  Corban is in 2nd Grade this year.  He's in his 2nd year of Looping with Mrs. Carter, so he has the same classroom, students, and teacher as last year.  There were no jitters or nervous worries this morning since he knows what to expect and what they year will be like.  We love looping.  He was insistent on wearing a purple or pink shirt, and fauxhawking his hair this morning.  He was going for a shock factor with his friends.  He figured since everything else was staying the "same' he should provide a little "different" to the occasion.  He's silly and crazy.  Nathan was quiet and reserved this morning.  Kind of his normal state.  He is in a co-taught class this year.  There are two teachers, and two classes sharing one room.  The teachers are excited about the concept, and we'll just see how it turns out!  Bekeh has the same Kindergarten teacher that Nathan had.  She is ESL certified, and has many many years of teaching experience, so I have confidence that she'll survive the Bekeh.  But we'll see.
Jason took the morning off work to take everyone to school.  They were super excited to have dad there when they woke up.   Jason didn't make it to Meet the Teacher, so Bekeh was thrilled to show him her classroom and her table.  
Caleb gave us the sad face when we got in the car and he was all alone.  Mainly I think he wanted to stay and play with the play-doh.  Jason's a softie though, and it wasn't anything Donuts and a juice box couldn't fix.  He's hoping around the house in a stolen pillow case now, so I'd say he's pretty much over it.  Although, I'll never get over that face, yummy, I could just eat it up he's so sweet!

And now just for fun. . .  a look back out how we've grown!


all things girly said...

that is crazy! i know Mrs. Shine..she and her husband were my band teachers too! not for long tho...cause i was no good at the flute!!

where are they living now?

your family is so amazing!!

Emily Woods said...

Somethings up. Is it just me- or was i looking at last years back to school pictures like a month ago? I can't be the only one...this year went by like nothing! Sheesh! And Brooklyn was so cute as a 6 year old :]