Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's all about the scissors!

Nathan had a very fascinating day today! Actually, it began last night when Jason finally had time to take him out on the sidewalk and work on riding his bike with him. Yes, he's too old to just now be learning, the training wheels came off 8 months ago, and he hadn't set on the seat since. Nonetheless, after only about 15 minutes of Jason running alongside a swerving and crazy wild boy, Nathan took off on his own, speeding down the side walk in seemingly drunken freedom! Way to go Nathan!
The fun continued today as soon as Corban was out the door to preschool and it was just Nate and I in the house. Fond of the excitement of shedding his training wheels, he agreed to shed a little more!
He couldn't stop with just losing the extra wheels, it was time to lose the 30 pounds of excess hair he's been flipping and pushing back for the past 2 years. In a moment of pure amazement, he agreed to get his haircut, if I took him to CoolCuts, so I grabbed the keys as fast as I could and raced out the door. The results are dramatic. My handsome big boy!

It was Cap & Gown picture day in Kindergarten today, and just incase they took a left side shot, he didn't want a blue ear sticking out from the mortar board! Plus now with short hair the stitches stuck out like a sore thumb. Off to Wal Mart we headed to purchase some fine needle nose scissors and then it was time for a little Dr. Mommy. Yes, I checked first, the wait at the Dr was 45 minutes for stitch removal, no way! Mom grabbed those little suckers and with a tug, a pull, and five snip snips, they were out!
Thank you Lord for protecting him in the fall, a split ear is a small injury compared to what could have happened between my son and the window seat. Thank you for the miracle of the body that heals itself, and thank you for breathing your Spirit on his ear to heal it quickly and perfectly. You are amazing Father and we stand in awe of your Holy Name forever.


Papa and Grammy said...

Where did my grandson go? You are trying to fool us. My grandson is not this old already is he?

Mimi Martin said...

...and what a Mom you are ... you find time to post after midnight. Nathan is such a handsome grown-up looking dude! He's ready for summer - cool hair cut and cool bike. ; )

Amy Woods said...

He did look so handsome with that haircut! I'm so amazed how a haircut changes their look so much. That picture of him all dressed up...he looks a little like Jason! First time I've ever thought that.