Sunday, April 6, 2008

Natie Bug's 9th Birthday

Friday the 4th was Natalie's 9th birthday and we celebrated with her at Incredible Pizza. After dinner the kids disappeared into the arcade enjoying the go karts, bowling, bumper cars, lunar golf, and arcade games, while the adults sat at the table completely enamored with precious Adiah. She was full of smiles, fully engaging whoever would flirt with her, and she was walking everywhere. She honored us by walking to us, letting us love on her, and then she would scoot down and move on to the next willing oohing and aahing family member! She has bonded beautifully with her new family, evident by her adorable and smiling personality shining all the time! She is eating everything you put in front of her, and progressing beautifully!
All seven, isn't that a glorious picture! We prayed so long for our niece to be home, and she fits right in with her brother, sisters, and cousins! Praise the Lord! Happy Birthday Natalie!


Amy Woods said...

Yeah!! I love your blog! Little Miss Adiah just told me tonight how much she loves her new family members! Love you!