Monday, September 15, 2008

Final Trip to the River Summer 08

Well we bookended our summer with trips to the river with Mimi and Hobby this year. We began on the Llano River and ended on the Brazos. Mom and Bill rented a cabin just off the banks of the Brazos River and we spent two days and nights enjoying the last trip on the boat with fall approaching quickly.

We had such a great time simply relaxing in the beautiful weather. The first morning there Jason, Bill, Mom, and I just sat outside enjoying the morning. We laughed so hard (mostly at each other) my stomach was hurting and I had tears in my eyes. Brian and Amy arrived mid day and we enjoyed one of the rare times when we were all together and not in a rush to go somewhere.

The kids went on a hike with Daddy/Uncle Jason while the rest of us prepared lunch, and afterward we headed for the river bank. The kids took turns boys out for tubing, then girls out for tubing, and the other half stayed and played on the banks. While the boys swam as far away as possible and went exploring on a desserted island (don't worry, we could see them the whole time) the girls spent their time playing spa. Click here to see what I mean! Girls and Boys are most certainly different!

After everyone had their fill of tubing, we loaded everyone onto the boat and drove around to a great swimming cove we had found the previous day. There were huge rock cliffs and a quiet spot where we anchored and let everyone swim til they were tuckered out.

This portion of the Brazos river differed from the Llano in that it was uninhabited along the shore line. It was miles and miles of beautiful untouched nature. The birds were humongous, and the fish would just jump out of the water right in front of you! It was all breathtaking.

It was a great way to close out summer and get ready for our busiest and favorite time of the year. . . FALL!


Mimi Martin said...

It was a wonderful time to be together in beautiful fall weather! We're looking forward to doing it again next summer. Those pics of the girls in their 'mud wraps' was hilarious. They sure know how to have fun!!!