Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nathan's 7th Birthday

Nathan had an AMAZING camping birthday party! We sat up the party in the open area behind our fence. We had tents, a fire pit, an outdoor movie theater, silly string fights, cooked weiners on sticks, roasted marshmallows for S'Mores, and froze some tooshies off.

The kids loved the silly string fight and afterward had a contest to see who could make the biggest ball out of the string for a prize, aka clean up the backyard! They look like snowballs!

Colton Herrold was absolutely hilarious trying to hold his wiener and get his bun on, I was laughing so hard!

Back in July Nathan and I found these cool telescoping forks at Target and bought them for his party. The boys loved them and got to take theirs home at the end of the party!

Corban and Paul Young braving the heat to roast their hot dog.

Nick and Zach Bloedow opting for the cold weiners instead!

Nathan isn't a cake lover so I had the bakery make him a brownie and ice it like a cake. They did an amazing job replicating his invitation, and it was super yummy!

The boys took their cake and snuggled in for a movie under the stars. It was so fun! I think the biggest hit of the party was absolutely the fire pit. The boys had a blast exploring through the brush to find sticks, trash, boards, anything that would BURN. They kept the fire burning for several hours, and the only two casualties of the night belonged to Nathan and Corban. Nathan grabbed a hot iron cover, and Corban tried to lick his roasting stick right after he'd had it in the fire for awhile. (Ouch!)

Several of the boys left between 9-10 but we had 6 that stayed over night in the tent, plus Bayley (Brooklyn's friend) The girls stayed all night in the girls tent next to the big tent with all the boys.

It was so cold on this night. We lost 4 boys during the night, they came into the house with me, bu three plus the girls survived all night outside with Jason. It's been hot ever since, but that night, and that night only, it was bitter cold!!

Everyone woke up early and finished the party with Donuts and Presents.

Nathan had a wonderful party and is the most amazing seven year old boy! His daddy and I are so proud of his tender heart, his knack for figuring out the world's complexities, and his dark side too that loves to stir up a little mischief in the house. Our family is blessed daily by our "Gift from God." We love you Nathan!


Amy Woods said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! You are a good mommy, Gina! (And you are a good daddy, Jason! Staying out there all night. I'm impressed!!)

Mimi Martin said...

That sounds like the coolest birthday party ever!!!! Love seeing and hearing the story.
Nathan, you are one coooooool guy. Happy 7th!!!

Debra said...