Saturday, June 7, 2008

End of the Year Bash

The kids school had a full day of fun planned for the kids on Friday the 30th of May. Brooklyn's class room had 50's Day. They had ice cream sundaes, Sonic, and took turns singing Karaoke. The week before they also had 60's day, which I just had to show you Brooklyn's silly face in her getup. The read poetry they had written and snapped in applause for each other.

Kindergarten had water day. They all wore their swimsuits and went outside to the huge water slide, pools, water gun fights, and other games. Since Corban was a head taller than over 80% of the Kindergartners, he fit right into the crowd and I let him!

I know the boys are best friends at home, but I was concerned about how Nathan would treat him around all of his friends from school, and I was so honored. Everywhere Nathan's buddies ran, Nathan would make sure Corban went too! Once, they all took off before Corban came down the slide and as I watched Nathan run off, he suddenly stopped and said, "Oh! Wait for my brother!" and he turned, ran back to the slide, grabbed his hands and took off to catch up with his friends. It was fun watching them together. Corban can't wait to go to Kindergarten now, I hope he realizes they don't have waterslides everyday!