Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nathan's a Graduate!

Kindergarten Graduation
June 2, 2008

Nathan graduated from Kindergarten last Monday and we are all so proud of him. He is the only one from his Kindergarten group that was in Gifted and Talented this year, so he's looking forward to First grade when he hopes there will be others that join him. He's been selected to be in Looping next year, which means he will have the same teacher for 1st and 2nd grade, as well as the same classmates and classroom. It helps heighten the learning environment for this age by providing stability, and shortening the relearning curve at the beginning of the 2nd year. Brooklyn was in Looping and it was an absolutely invaluable experience for her. Nathan's teacher will be Ms. LaDonna who I taught with at SCPreschool, and who was Brooklyn's teacher when she graduated from Preschool. It should be a great year. We are so proud of you Nathan!