Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekend on the River

We spent a fantastic four day weekend on the Llano River this past week. The house we stayed out sat right on the edge of the river, about 2 miles upstream from Lake LBJ. We were quite a crew with my five, Brian's 3 oldest, and Mimi and Hobby in tow.

One of our days we drove a couple of miles into the hills to the Longhorn Caverns. They are a system of caves carved by rushing river water. It was fascinating to see the amazing sites that God has carved into our world. There were several things, such as the Queen's Watchdog, which left us in awe. This is a naturally occuring formation, it's been examined by geologists who confirm there are no human tooling marks on it. The picture is from a single angle which makes it hard to see the perfect tail and hind quarters. It has been confirmed that it was created purely by rushing water.The water was a perfect temperature and we lived in it whenever possible. The kids loved the dock which had a diving board from it, and a perfect area to swim and float and watch the boats and jet skies go by. We took turns going out on the boat. The kids loved the new floating chair, as well as the classic tubing. Jason tried out wakeboarding, a complete dissaster, but loved the knee boarding.

Hobby helping Natalie and Brooklyn prepare for their ride.

The house Mom and Bill rented was wonderful. It had original 60's-70's decor, with Gold fleck countertops and a range oven that was hilarious! We enjoyed cooking all of our meals in, and Emily was a huge help with her puff pan and her culinary skills. She taught Brooklyn a thing or two also so maybe I can get some help out at home too!

Although they had their own room with bunk beds and full size beds for plenty, they had the most fun camping out together in the living room. The kept begging Uncle Jason to let them camp outside with the lake, but their offers of $5.00 and foot massages obviously couldn't compete with Aunt Gina's offers in our own room ;).
Jason hadn't had much experience with boats, but became quite good at driving by the end of our trip. Our last run out he did his dogdess to knock me off the tube, which he accomplished twice after exhausting me up and down the river. The last time off I flew on my back skimming across the water for what seemed an eternity. It was a blast!

Corban, Ridge, and Nathan fresh from a dive in the water!

The kids loved cruising on the boat for awhile, and then parking it in a cove and diving off and swimming around. The all love horsing around with Jason. Natalie and Emily we're easily scarred by rumors of fish swimming by or Uncle Jason dissapearing under the water. No littering!