Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Have you ever Wondered. . .?

What's making that noise when you move the furniture? Well, apparently the boys wondered. They used my scissors to cut the bottom out of my leather chairs and were thrilled with all the money and toys the discovered.
Cheerios, raisins, pistachios, markers, water bottle (how do you stuff that between the cushions), n.i.p. fruit roll ups, batteries, spoons (Oh! Thank you Jesus!), scissors, half eaten peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches (gross!), candy wrappers galore, bibles, Capri Suns, full package of Nerds (which they tried to eat), money, keys, and Gameboy games. It took 4 full dust pan trips to clean it up. Now that's disgusting! And I thought they were doing so well on the no food or drink leaves the kitchen rule! Busted!


Amy Woods said...

We found almost the exact same stuff in our couch when we moved!! Its just nasty!!

Just Me said...

Yeah, I hate looking under the recliner. It's all the kids fault:)