Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splashing Around

NRH2O with Dad

Jason took the day off of work and it was all the excuse we needed to head out to the water park. We have season tickets to the NRH2O, and the kids love going out for the day with their friends, but it's a super special treat when Dad joins the party! Corban still isn't a big fan of the water slides, but he loves The Accelerator, or as he calls it, "The Mattress slide." The boys prefer to ride in the lane next to me because they love the huge tidelwave of water I create as I come down, joy joy, but on this day, they raced each other alone and Nathan won.

It was a beautiful day, they shared their love of the lazy river and the wave pool with dad, and I enjoyed having someone else stand in line with Brooklyn for the Green slide. It's the longest line on the planet because "The world's largest uphill water rollercoaster," breaks down often. The had a blast on it nonetheless!

Once the kids had their fill of the heat, we headed to Dallas to enjoy the DCI Marching Competition. Our brother in law Kevin was on staff for the Blue Knights this summer, and his wife was anxious to see him. It was fun watching the kids develop a love for marching band, their parents fell in love on the marching field ya know. The show was hot, on the field, and in the stands!