Friday, July 11, 2008

Strike Two! They're Out!

He's been wiggling, and jiggling, and pushing, and pulling for weeks, and FINALLY they both broke loose! The tooth fairy has worn a path into their bedrooms the last couple of weeks, Brooklyn lost two and now Nathan's lost his two front teeth. I hope Dave Ramsey has her set up on a good budget, because this run on teeth could really do some damage to ones blow budget!

I was really quite thrilled to finally have the second one fall! He lost the left one on Wednesday, which was apparently holding the right one straight. When it fell out the right one immediately went crooked and Corban said he looked like Nanny McPhee with a scraggly tooth hanging! Every time he would talk to me it took all I had not to laugh at him and stare at his dangling tooth. Another milestone of childhood has now come and gone. So, Nathan? What are you going to invest your new found fortune in? Taffy or Gumballs?


Linda "Grammy" Woods said...

Nathan, Grammy thinks that is a beautiful smile! And your all the richer for it --- go for the gumballs -- and stay away from the corn on the cob for awhile! :)

Just Me said...

I remember when I was lucky to get a quarter from the tooth fairy, inflation is killing us parents:) Unrelated, but, your pictures are really clear. They may be the best that I have seen.

Amy Woods said...

Jump on over to my've been tagged!! You're welcome!!