Monday, November 24, 2008

Give it up for Mimi!

Last week Jason and I both went to The Nutcracker show in Houston. My Mom stepped up big time for me with the kids. She still works full time in Downtown Dallas, and still agreed to live at my house for the week to take care of the crazy rooters. The night she came over to have everything explained to her, I could see a touch of panic on her face as she realized the enormity of packing lunches every morning, completing homework, taking care of Grandma's meds as well, making dinner, breakfasts, brushing teeth, and even a birthday party on Saturday! Yikers! She made it from Tuesday night through the next Monday morning and the kids were extremely well adjusted the entire time. Of course, Nathan had to try and eat the concrete which required an emergency front tooth repair the day we returned, a little blood and pain for Mimi to have to deal with, but she did remarkable. Kudos to the Grandma for stepping in and juggling her full time job and the full time job of keeping up with three crazy kids! We couldn't have done it without you Mom! And thanks Hobby Bill for giving her up for the week so we could have her! Hope you enjoyed your nights of snore less bliss! :)


Mimi Martin said...

Yes, this Mimi learned to mommy again! and loved it. Now I miss those times even more -- especially Corban reading "Left foot, right foot, Feet, feet, feet!" That last comment was pure fabrication -- your kids said I didn't snore at all. ; )