Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thankful Day

Good Morning! Before I head off to bed for a rare decent night's slumber for which I will be very thankful for, I wanted to wish all a very grateful filled Thanksgiving Day!

We received a package of pictures today from Compassion International. There were 6 pictures of the most beautiful little children, all of whom are awaiting sponsorship so they can go to school, have a decent meal, clothes, medical attention, and a chance to know Jesus. We love our sponsored child Ligia and enjoy her letters and pictures. The children took 2 pictures each and taped them to their beds so they would remember to pray for them every night to find a family here in the US to sponsor them. With that, they understood better that their home, their school, their church, their dinner - those are all gifts for which they are to be grateful for. 2 of the 6 kids were born within days of Corban, which they all thought was so cool, and it made me appreciate him being in Kindergarten so much deeper for some reason. We are so blessed. I love this time in my kids' lives where they develop the skills to begin expressing themselves for themselves. I am always intrigued by what comes out of their little heads, and worried about what they'll regurgitate that I shouldn't have taught them too! Corban was so proud to bring home his Thanksgiving Feast mat. "I wrote it myself!" he proclaimed. You know me, of course I teared up. So sweet. I'm thankful my kids know what things are important, and that they are thankful for them. School, Snow, Dog, God, and Love. Me too Corban, me too.