Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little squirmy wormy

Jason went to let the dog in at 12:30 this morning on our way to bed, and as he shut the door, this little guy tried to sneak in. The lights were off so if he hadn't shut it in the door, it would have come in and gone who knows where! My bed is only 10 feet or so from this door!! OMG! PTL! ;) (Just for you Amy!)

Jason the crazy snake wrangler!

It amazes me sometimes when I stop to think about all the things God protects us from in the course of a day and a lifetime. We only see the things that happen, we don't see the things that could have, or the extent to which things that did could have gone. Faith is knowing that the Lord loves you so much, He only allows things in your life that will bring you closer to Him and closer to being Christlike. The snake, He obviously felt that wouldn't serve either two purposes, this time.


Amy Woods said...

Ummmm....YIKES!!!! I'm not even remotely ok with this post....creeps me out.

Debra said...

Okay, seriously, I would have had to sleep in a hotel! :) Thanks for what you said about God ... more peaceful reminders of His plan and purpose. Love you sister! Missed hugging your neck last night.