Monday, December 8, 2008

Home for The Holidays

October through December is such a busy time for us, we had all agreed that we wouldn't put up Christmas Decorations in the house because mom was gone at my shows so much, we have a new destructive kitty in the house, and we were going to be gone to Utah, and then at Grandparent's houses the majority of the time anyway, so it was decided it wasn't worth the trouble. But, you know, it just doesn't feel like Christmas when things don't "change" around the house, and I was feeling guilty about robbing the kids of a little bit of that holiday magic. So one day, I found myself with 2 hours where I didn't absolutely have something that had to be done immediately, (A RARE Thing this time of year) and so I decided to pull down just the essentials and decorate. Since I couldn't put out anything breakable thanks to Miss Meow Meow Julia, I decided to only go fun and funky. If it wasn't Lime Green, Black, Red and sparkly it didn't come down out of the attic! When the kids walked in from school, they were thrilled to death! Nathan goes, "WoW! It's MAGIC!" Score one for mommy, Mission accomplished!
The exception to the Lime and Sparkly rule was of course the kids areas, which I'll let Brooklyn blog about on her site. It didn't take long, as you can see from the pic of the tree, for Julia to be intrigued. Despite the water bottle spraying her down, my attempts at using tin foil as a deterrent, and all other extreme measures, she still managed to scale the tree daily and methodically remove each ribbon, and then each ornament from the tree over the next couple of weeks. She would grasp a Christmas Ball with both front paws and fling it backwards over her head until it would fly across the room. She would then leap out of the boughs and chase it across the room until I could catch up to her and retrieve it! Little Stinker! That's ok, I got her back. When we left for Utah we boarded her at the Vet and removed those claws and her girl parts too! No more tree climbing or couch shredding in her future! Score Two for Mommy!


Debra said...

Oh yes, score two for Mommy and the big ZERO for kitty! :)