Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas with Papa and Grammy!

The kids traveled out to Papa's Place (aka J Bar L Ranch) for New Year's Day plus one, and they had a fabulous time riding the carts with the Mini Horses and simply being with their cousins.

Bethany is shown driving the carts, she's the resident horse master of J Bar L Ranch!

I've weened myself off of the pain medication so Jason and I were nervous about driving all the way out to Whitewright to pick the kids up and do Christmas with them without being able to elevate my foot in the car, so everyone was extremely gracious enough to load up their gifts and the kids and come to our house for the evening. Brian and Amy stopped by and picked up On The Border fajitas, and we all crowded into our cozy little place for a wonderful evening. You can only imagine the noise level of 7 kids and 8 adults in my place with wood floors and no carpeting to absorb sound!!! Then add Guitar Hero World Tour Band on top of it!

From Papa and Grammy the boys received RC Cars, the Girls received Silver Horse Necklaces and cool shirts, and they all also got cool cookbooks, and kits to build different parts of a ranch to play with. Aunt Kelly made the girls beautiful little jewelry boxes and bracelets, and the boys got beloved matchbox cars.

Adiah recieved lots of cool horses and things, but her favorite gift from Papa and Grammy was this toy that converted any door into a playhouse. Amy was just talking about how Adiah's fascinated with knocking on doors, so it was perfect and as you can see, she was delighted!