Friday, January 9, 2009

Finding my silver lining. . .

O.k. so I have an amazing life, with amazing kids, a wonderful home, and a husband I adore, and walking with the Lord as close as I do, I have a deep running joy that never fades, but eventually, enough stuff can pile on top of you that life can "seem" depressing (if only for a day or two!). It finally hit me. After weeks of struggling through this darn broken ankle junk, the turmoil with our church, Jason's job, things with my dementia stricken grandmother and more, I finally quit trying to hold it off and just let myself fall into the pit. I stayed awake all night crying one night, wallowing in my own private pity party (I've matured enough not to invite others too them as often ;)), then slept the entire next day and avoided the world, and today, the clouds are slowly rolling back, and I can quote my mantra once again, "This too shall pass. . . this too shall pass. . . this too shall pass." I finally scootered myself into my office and read an email from my dad's wife Linda. It brightened my day and I'll share it with you so I can brag on my young man with his servant's heart. Usually I'm discussing what a loud voice Corban has been gifted with and how he uses it, but this time it's the strength of his silence.
FROM GRAMMY aka Linda . . . about my kids visit to their ranch December 28th.

Oh, have to share a moment with you on Corban .... and his sensitive compassionate side ... Dr. Bell and his family came out with their children when your boys were playing out on the dirt pile and except for riding the carts they didn't have much interaction with the Bell kids. After awhile we all went inside for hot chocolate and the kids were in the den playing with the dogs, throwing the ring for them to fetch. Collin (Dr Bell's son) was hogging the ring from his sister, Candace (who has Downs-Syndrome). Corban was laying on the couch and was just watching this continue for awhile--- then without a word he simply got up and when the dog came back with the ring, he reached down and took it- looked Collin square in the face and gave the ring to Candace to throw. Corban then went and laid back down. Never said a word, but Collin got the message loud and clear!!! :) It was too precious.


Anonymous said...

of course I will. I just grabbed a plain template. Thanks!

Debra said...

Love this story! Sweet Corban.

Okay, so next time you blog, I tagged you for 6 random or weird facts about yourself ... check my blog for the rules. Fun!

Love ya!