Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boys Boys Boys

Fighting from the living room while the boys are trying to pick a movie to watch.

Corban: "Mom, Nathan's being a hypocrit and a liar. He said we both have to agree on a movie, and He's not agreeing with ME! UUUGGGHHHH"
Mom: "And do you agree with him?"
Corban: Silence followed by realization followed by "No."
Mom: "You need to keep looking through the movies until you find one you both are ok to watch."
Corban: "Oh, o.k. But mom, this is not going to be easy."
It never is son, it never is! Can school start soon please?


Jessica said...

I have this conversation ALL the time!!!! Makenzie will not agree on any movie Thain wants to watch. But after they argue for a few minutes she will go back to one that he suggested earlier and say. "I want to watch THIS one. Will you just agree with me!" LOL.. She just wants it to be HER choice. So funny!