Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of School and the kids had fabulous days!
Brooklyn started a new school, 5th Grade at the Intermediate Campus. She said she was super duper excited because her Language Arts teacher was cool and he had a whole library of books she could check out! Also, this year is suppose to rock because the emphasis is more on reading than writing. They're suppose to read 25 books this year, and she said, "I read over 35 books in 2 months, and we have like 9 months for school."
After dropping off Brooklyn, Nathan said, "Lone Star won't be as good this year because Brooklyn's not there." It was so sweet!
The boys said both their teachers were still "cool and fun." Nathan's class is exactly the same as last year, it's a program called Looping. He loves Mrs. Chatham and said the best part of the whole day was seeing all of his friends again.
Corban had his first full day of school today, and he loved Mrs. Carter. She was Brooklyn's looping teacher for 1st/2nd as well, and Corban agreed she's the best teacher. His two best friends from Kindergarten are in his class, so he's excited they'll be in his class three years in a row. (K,1st, and 2nd. . .looping as well) His favorite part of the day was making a piggie in Art class. Because of half day Kindergarten, this is his first experience with the Co-Curr classes, art, music, computers etc.
Despite a little mix up with Brooklyn's pick up, today was a blast for all. I enjoyed getting my haircut, and having a quiet day to work. I think I'll start missing them soon, but for now, it's really nice that they're back in school!