Monday, August 17, 2009

Computer Windows

So today around lunch the boys were both switching back and forth playing their Club Penguin accounts. I was busy working in the kitchen, and Nathan comes down the hall asking for my help. . .

Nathan: "Can you come help?"
Mom: "What?"
Nathan: "There's an error message on the screen."
Mom: Walking into the office "What's it say?"
Nathan: "It says there are too many Windows open, but the window is closed and so are the blinds. We even turned off the fan, but it still won't let us play our game."
Mom: "You turned off the what?"
Nathan: Pointing up to the ceiling "The fan."

Mom: Trying not to laugh calmly explains to him about Tabs on the browser as the red in his cheeks gets brighter and brighter.


Unknown said...

Oh my, hilarious! I loved this! How great is that!? Thanks for sharing!

Debra said...

That is so making me laugh! Go Nathan ... gotta love that precious boy!