Thursday, September 3, 2009

Disney Cruise Day One - ALL ABOARD!

Day One was a hectic day of getting up early, not having time to eat breakfast, then the plane was delayed so there was no time for lunch, and so I can not tell you how huge the mounds of cookies and cheese cubes the kids bowls had when we finally made it to the welcome buffet on the cruise! Then, in complete un-Disney fashion, a once in an unheard of lifetime for all Crew members, the computer glitched and locked everyone out of their rooms. We couldn't change into our "cruise wear" so the kids had to stand in the sun for the safety drill in their jeans and hot clothes. Between the lack of food, the inappropriate attire, not having access to our carry on bags which had our swimsuits ,so they couldn't swim, and the HOT HOT HOT deck drill, the kids attitudes, (and mom and dad's), were showing signs of being anywhere but the happiest place on earth. But, then, we got keys to our rooms that actually opened the door and the kids were ecstatic, and we got dressed for Dinner and a Show and vacation officially started!We paused for a photo on the deck of our Stateroom before heading to the show. The kids loved going out on the deck and watching the boat come and go into port, as well as starting and ending each day just watching the water flow by. We loved this picture God painted for us in the sky. Even the clouds were cruising this night. The clouds were low and there was rain on either side of this clearing, which formed the shape of a cruise ship.We have indoctrinated our kids to love live performances, and especially Musicals. Once we were seated at the show, The Golden Mickeys, we truly let go and began to enjoy! The kids were laughing, giggling, and chatting about their favorite characters as they danced and sang across the amazing stage! The talent was absolutely top notch, and especially the girl who sang Pocahontas, she sounded exactly like the movie track! We then headed to dinner at Parrot Cay. One of our favorite parts was that they offer this great program called Dine and Play aboard Disney Cruise Line. They serve your kids their meals as quickly as possible, so that they can be whisked away to the OceanEar's Club by the staff who come to the restaurant and pick them up for you, and mom and dad can enjoy the rest of their dinner and dessert alone! It was wonderful! Afterward Jason and I went to the movies and saw, The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. They were also showing G-Force and Up in Disney 3-D. As they said, "Yes, we show movies that are still in the theaters, uh, because we own them!" We picked the kids up at midnight and headed back to our cabin for some z's. We took the customary picture of the towel animals, hung out on our cabin deck for a bit, and then rocked to sleep with the ocean. It was a beautiful day.


Amy Woods said...

So fun! I love cruises! Maybe thats why we keep going back for more! Glad you had fun!