Friday, September 4, 2009

Disney Cruise Day Two - NASSAU BAHAMAS


Day two began overcast, rainy, and oh so cold. We disembarked the Wonder and headed for the chartered Catamaran sailing. We were freezing the four mile ride out to sea, that is until we loaded on our snorkeling gear and hit the water! It was so warm and wonderful! It was difficult to get the kids situated and moving together with their fins, masks, and snorkels. Nathan is typically slow as molasses, and so Jason and I were overwhelmed getting them all in the water. After a few minutes of wondering why did we even bother paying for this excursion, I remembered why we were there, and I actually put my mask toward the water. As I looked toward the ocean floor, instantly, it all fell away. The coral reef below us with all the amazing fish and beautiful colors melted away every ounce of frustration.

As I was floating along enjoying the creativity of God, it occurred to me that we do that in life all the time. We get so distracted by all the nonsense going on above the surface. We're stressed and flustered by the problems associated with where we are in life at the moment, when God is saying the whole time, "Your missing the point, look for what you've come here for, the point, the reason, the beauty I created for you for this moment is just below the surface of all this other junk you're focused on instead."

The boys quickly settled in and enjoyed floating around with me, while Brooklyn and Jason flipped off further around the reef. Corban especially loved the coral that literally looked like brains sitting on the ocean floor. The boys would point and giggle in their snorkels. I enjoyed holding their hands and exploring the sights.

Soon enough though, we realized Nathan wasn't around anymore, and found him securely back on the boat, done with the excursion's excitement! One by one Corban, and then Brooklyn headed back to the boat as well, which gave Jason and I a chance to swim around and take things in even closer. We enjoyed Rum Punch on the way back toward Nassau and did our best to dry out our rain soaked clothes.
Once on land again, we grabbed lunch at Senior Frogs, and tried to keep the kids' backs to the events going on at the bar behind them. :( Those guys were really enjoying their vacation! :) We watched the catamaran take off with the next group of snorkelers aboard, and laughed and rested over our cokes and quesadillas.
We decided to stroll through the Straw Market on the pier. Corban bought a walking coconut turtle which quickly broke, "That's a total rip off!" he exclaimed loudly. One woman tried to get me to pay to hold her adorable little baby who I oohed over, I seem to have a new affinity for little black babes, and Nathan and Brooklyn bought necklaces. We then headed to the nicer district where diamond boutiques, Rolex, and other fine retailers set up beautiful shops for duty free bargain hunters.
The kids decided they had enough of Nassau quickly, so we headed back to the ship. After a refreshing shower, Corban and Jason headed up to Deck 9 for some one on one Ping Pong play, while the rest of us got dressed for our show and rested.

The show for the night was Toy Story, and once again the stage and talent was impeccable. After the show, we had an hour before dinner and decided to go play Bingo. In true Jason Root Family style, we sat in the front row, and our loud crazy antics won us a lot of attention and joking from the emcee for the game. We were named the Rollercoaster Roots for the way all of us raised our hands, jumped up, and screamed every time we got an important ball to pop up! The evening paid out well for us! We won the four corners game and pocketed $98! Tonight's dinner was at the fine French restaurant, Triton's. Brooklyn loved her breaded Turkey and Marinara plate, and Jason and I once again had steak. We were joined by our table mates this evening, a wonderful couple from Canada, and their precious daughter.

Instead of leaving for the OceanEar's Club tonight, we all went as a family to the Pirates in The Caribbean Party on Deck 9. The dessert spread was unbelievable, and the characters put on a great show. The kids loved the pirate villains! The party ended late and we headed back to the room.A quick picture of our towel animal for the night, a few minutes of staring at the night sky from our deck, and everyone was ready for bed.


Shanna said...

It looks like you all had a fantastic time. The pictures are great - Brooklyn is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady and the boys are as cute as ever.

Congrats on the upcoming adoptions and if you are ever in the area, definitely let us know!