Monday, September 7, 2009

Disney Vacation - Day Four DISNEY WORLD

We woke early on the cruise ship, ate breakfast at Animator's Palate, said goodbye to our new Canadian friends, and disembarked for the final time. We caught our personal courier SUV to Disney World, and hit the parks as quickly as possible. We started at Hollywood Studios where we quickly took in the kids favorites, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Stunt Spectacular, Tower of Terror, and Rockin Rollercoaster.
We took this shot outside of the Prince Caspian exhibit, which we all found to be extremely disappointing. But just our expectations were not right, it was cool in and of itself I guess. Once we had checked through all of our favorites at Hollywood Studios, we boarded a bus, and caught the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We stopped at the front gate to grab our "WE'RE CELEBRATING" buttons announcing our DTE celebration trip!
Our first stop was a pic in front of the castle, talked at length to the photographer about the adoption process in Ethiopia, and then were overwhelmed with the smell of fresh baking cinnamon rolls! We had to stop and have a snack!
From there it was on to Tomorrow Land where we took in the Stitch ride, I swore I wouldn't go on it ever again, if you've been on it, you know the Chili Cheese Dog is just disgusting, but alas, the mother in me has to oblige those big brown begging eyes! A little rain to cool things off at the speed track, and a double rainbow in the sky for a little extra magic!
The kids and I love the Tea Cups, mostly because Jason hates them so much. We have tradition of all running to the bushes and pretending to puke as soon as we get off. Just to remember the scene daddy made the last time he rode them in 2003!
We kept the kids at the park until 1:00 am. Corban fell asleep at dinner and during the fireworks but was ready to go as soon as he woke each time! Well, mostly.
We got back to our room and into bed at 2:30am. The kids took about thirty seconds to begin snoring. One last towel creature to mark the final night of our vacation and it was time to say goodnight.


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