Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adiah's Home!

Yesterday was a thrilling day! We had a homecoming jamboree at the airport! When Brian and Amy stepped through the doors with their little sunshine beam, it's was amazing! We were all crying, shouting for joy, jumping up and down, and praising Jesus! She did so amazing. She looked around, took everyone in, no tears, but lots and lots of smiles and clucks. The kids favorite part was when Amy stood her up and she bounced on her squeaky shoes and smiled so big. We were all laughing!

We were all wearing the shirts Amy and Brian gave us for Christmas 2006 and in honor of Adiah's bow head pictures, all the girls wore huge bows and flowers on their heads. It was alot of fun.

Now here's a rare picture indeed. All of our immediate family in one shot!

The kids were completely in love with her before they ever laid eyes on her and it showed at their first meeting. She smiled and clucked a lot whenever they got close and played with her!

We've all been witness to another of God's miracles, and we can't wait to share adventures and love with her for the rest of her life.

Now as for the rest of our life, I have lost my camera and can not upload pictures of our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Corban's birthday party, our trip to the Ranch, and Easter. I will have to play catch up whenever I find it, pray for it's return please.


Mimi Martin said...

That was a thrilling moment when they arrived. Adiah was absorbing everything and everyone around her - and she even gave out quite a few smiles. Glad you finally found your camera! With your crazy life, you should be able to catch up on all your blogging in no time (2:00 - 4:00 a.m.??).
Love 'n smiles,