Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Corban!

I can't believe it! My little bonus gift is a big boy now! We're amazed daily at how much he loves everything! His favorites as of today are Sunny D, his friends at church, climbing, yelling, whining about mom's cooking, having his back scratched, and being held. He's thrilled about going to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate his birthday tonight. He keeps asking if it's almost lunch time because he knows that's when we're packing up to go! I'm excited about starting up our blog and look forward to sharing all of our wild and CRAZY adventures with all of you out there.


Mimi Martin said...

AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Can't wait for most posts. Love the pictures - love the song. Corban is FIVE years old -- I remember the day you called me and said, "Mom......" Without another word, I KNEW you were pregnant -- and what a blessing that little seedling has been. LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY! I'll see you tomorrow at the party.

emaroo said...

Agree on the great pic! haha! Musta' had a great photographer. I remember when you called me and said..."Emily, what did you always say about the third always being a surprise?" He is so precious! LOVE YOU!