Monday, March 31, 2008

March in Review

March was an absolutely fun and crazy month, and now that I have found my camera, I can share some of it finally!
First off, Brooklyn began taking Horse Riding Lessons this month. She has really enjoyed learning how to take care of them, all about the different breeds and parts of a horse, as well as how to ride them safely and properly. She has excellent posture and control of that big ole beast. It's amazing to watch. She's realizing there is a time when you have to open your mouth and speak to get the horse to obey, and you can't wait until you "feel" like talking!

Next came Corban's Birthday. We celebrated in two ways. His birthday was on a Friday so we spent Friday and Saturday at the Great Wolf Lodge which was an absolute blast! The kids loved the indoor water park. Corban would scream and throw a huge fit whenever we would get to the beginning of the line for EVERY SINGLE ride. He would pull away and melt down. Tears streaming, fear flowing. And every time I would pick him up, carry him through the line, and hold him tightly. After every slide he would again be screaming, but this time it was, "That was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!" He loved every ride, the bigger and faster the better. Don't you know God feels the same way I did as a parent with us? We whine and complain everytime we begin a journey into something we're unsure of, or think will scare us, and every time, regardless of how many times we've walked by faith and the reward at the end as been phenomenal, every time He still has to hold us, reassure us, plead with us, and eventually just haul our screaming rear ends into the fire.

After we cleaned up and ate an excellent dinner, we grabbed an ice cream treat from the bakery, they made the Birthday boy's extra special, we then headed up and down the stairs a million times completeing stages of our MagiQuest. A really cool digital treasure hunt game they have throughout the hotel. The kids were finally tired and headed into their cave to sleep for the night. The breakfast buffet the next morning was out of this world. A definite must have if ever you stay at the Lodge.

After a long day of more stair climbing in search of the Quest, we headed to the church for Corban's Snake party.

The kids painted their own stuffed snakes and played video games, air hockey, table soccer, and more. Evan won both rounds of musical chairs and took off to home with both of my dollar bills!

The kids had a great time just being with their friends and family. Nana and Uncle David, Mimi, Hobby, and Gigi, all of our neighborhood friends, the Lees, the Morels, the Tarbets, and a couple of his friends from school showed to bless his birthday. It was a lot of slithery fun!