Monday, March 17, 2008

Announcing our New Niece ADIAH!

We are enjoying God's creation out here on the ranch, but spent most of the night awake checking Brian and Amy's blog for a glimpse of our precious niece Adiah. Here she is...

From what I've heard from Brian's conversation with my mom last night and from their blog, she's tiny. Apparently the 12 month pants are too big. She's almost 20 mo old. She's an advanced tongue clicker, but not attempting any other audible sounds or trying to walk. God knows what she needs to progress quickly and catch up developmentally, and He'll provide the insight to Brian and Amy to get that progress started while they're there loving on her and showering her with attention and good food! They will return to the States on March 26th, so keep them in your prayers while they're in China and for the years to come! What a blessing.