Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bye Bye Albatross

Our Expedition Sold!
Seven years ago Jason and I just about hung ourselves financially by walking into Park Cities Ford and getting royally scr**ed by a lying salesman and our own stupidity. We prayed for forgiveness many years later when we realized how ridiculous we'd been, but continued to make serious mistakes when it came to decisions around the truck. Finally, we knew God was telling us to dump it, and we acted on faith. I prayed for 3 responses to our Craigslist ad yesterday and we got 6, but each person replied twice, so we truly got exactly three responses! Nathan and I prayed this morning for God to send someone who wouldn't be financially burdened with it and who would be able to handle the problems that might come up mechanically in the future, and we sold it to a mechanic! Praise the Lord.
So at the moment we are a one car family. We are trying to decide what to do about a second transport thingy, so please pray that we will make a wise purchase that is squarely in the middle of God's will and plan for or finances and future.


emaroo said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! I still remember the night you came home (I think I was staying at your house to watch Brooklyn while you went to get the car) and how upset you were and robbed you felt. What a load to be GONE! YAY!