Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Veins a blowing!

We had another horrific five year old well check visit yesterday. Nathan's last year was a nightmare, and now with Corban it wasn't any better! Apparently the boys have blood that clots easily, and they have veins that roll and blow. Three times we've tried to get Nathan's cholesterol level checked because a test came back with a high result, but everytime they keep blowing his veins, in both arms, digging and proding trying to take his blood. Same thing with Corban yesterday. It's one of the most horrifying positions to be in as a mom, holding your son trying to calm him as they fish around in his arms with an instument of torture. After the arms were of no use, they turned to pricking his fingers and heels for blood, one drop and they would quit bleeding! They were squeezing the ever livin out of his sweet little fingers, while he screamed and I cried, and we left the visit with no blood to send off for testing, and a frazzled mom, exhausted child, bruising arms, and only the joy of another visit to try again to look forward to. Please join us in praying for veins that make themselves accesable, a tech that has a supernatural sense of touch to find them on the first stick, and blood that will flow. I have to take both boys in again soon to have another go at it, and before I do I have to know the appointment is covered in prayer. Oh, and perhaps I'll have Jason join us to help with the holding and consoling!


Amy Woods said...

Poor baby!! And mommy! Let us know when the next appt time is so we can be praying while its happening!