Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Generation of Scouting Begins

Our Cub Scout

The pride was all over Jason's face last night as Nathan put on his first uniform in Boy Scouts. I didn't have a clue, and I was frustrated after several hours of sewing on patches, but Jason grabbed that belt and cinched it up just so, and rolled that kerchief perfectly, and Nathan just stood there in awe of the "cool uniform" Dad was transfixing onto him before his eyes.

He ate everything up at the meeting. He loved every activity, every silly song, and especially receiving the belt loops and pins he earned at Day Camp this last summer.

He earned a ton, but they only had one on hand to give him because his den leader didn't enter his achievements into the system for them to purchase all of his things in time. Jason is his den leader. No one took the time to explain any of this to Jason and he kind of fell into the position (by destiny probably) and so he's trying to play catch up and learn things quickly. Until last night, Nathan was his only den member. On the way home from the Pack meeting Jason said, "Man, that really helps me respect my dad a whole lot more. Now that I understand all the prep and planning that goes into it all, it's overwhelming."
Speaking of Scout Steve, aka Grandpa, he was the amazing rescuing trooper this past summer. Jason couldn't get off work to take Nathan to Day Camp, and mommy had other things going, so Grandpa drove from Farmers Branch to Keller, every morning for five days, picked Nathan up, and took him out in the heat and sun from 8 until 4! Nathan went on and on about how much fun he had, and how he loved spending time with Grandpa! Here are some pics that never got posted from that adventure

Nathan commented that since Grandpa helped him earn his tons of belt loops at camp this summer Grandpa might want to come to the next meeting and help him put them on his belt. Nathan thinks that's the coolest part! So how about it Grandpa, up for another drive to Keller?

I'm excited the boys are going to have a place to bond and grow together and do "man stuff" and Brooklyn and I are going to take advantage of pack and den meeting times to go get our nails done and shop!