Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!
The kids had a fabulous first day of school. Even the unusually long line at the stop sign couldn't damper the mood. We have a new crossing guard, who God bless him, hasn't figured things out just yet. The kids made good use of the time by making silly faces at each other. Once in the building, the air conditioner was out, and it was BLAZING hot! Still couldn't cool the excitment of the kids! Corban and I got back in the car and prayed specifically for the school AC to work and for it not to disrupt everyone's first day fun, and it came on an hour later. By the time we dropped Corban off at 11:30 the building was cool, but all the poor teacher's hair do's were still flat against their heads! Nathan jumped right into his class, and at the end of the day said having his own desk, vs a table in Kindergarten, was the highlight of first grade. Jason forgot his laptop which gave him the perfect excuse to run home just in time to take Corban to school with me for his first day of Kindergarten! He held my hand tightly the first 5-10 steps up the sidewalk, but then let go and took off running towards the gym. He was excited!

One of the things I loved about last year was that Brooklyn's lunch period was the same time as Nathan's drop off. So I would drop Nathan in the gym and run into the lunchroom next door and joke around with Brooklyn and her friends for a minute, and leave. It was wonderful just to see her for a second in the middle of the day, and her friends enjoyed it too. I was a litte sad not to have that again this year, but Corban looked into the lunchroom on our way to his class, and sure enough he spotted Brooklyn at the closest table to the door! Her lunchtime is even more convienant this year, instead of being at the tailend of her lunch, hers starts at Corban's drop off time so I'll be able to go sit down with her and eat together more! It's awesome! The time between midday drop off, and end of day pick up flew by, and all too quickly it was time to go get them. We're fortunate to have carpool with four other families, but on the first day we all like to take and pick up on our own. The kids were thrilled with our treat, a trip to Sonic, and couldn't stop chattering about their awesome day!