Friday, August 1, 2008

Let's All Go to the Circus!

The kids had a wonderful time with Nana and Grandpa at the Ringling Bros Circus today. Corban went on and on about the human cannonballs and Brooklyn and Nathan loved it all. Nana having summers off (she's a teacher) is such a blessing for me and for the kids. Beacuse she and Steve are so willing to take them during the day a couple of times a week, I get to go into the office and get real work done, without worrying about the kids, and it's guilt free because I know they're having an amazing time at the grandparent's casa.
Speaking of Ruth, she celebrated her 60th birthday last Monday! She looks great for 60 doesn't she? Jason's siblings and dad threw a surprise birthday dinner for her at Cristina's last weekend, and she was so shocked! A lot of her friends from church showed up with hilarious cards and best wishes. The kids enjoyed picking out her cakes, and hand dipping stawberries to go on them. It was a truly family affair!