Friday, August 29, 2008


This is going to be a very strange entry because I can't reveal details yet, but I just have to get it written down so I can digest it here, and this is my only form of journaling lately so here it goes.
I have a relationship in my life that is very important to me but I can't ever seem to make any deep head way in it. I've known for awhile that the change that needs to happen first and importantly is in my heart so I have been praying diligently for God to open everything I have up for this person.
And God, in His infinite compassion and love, allowed me in on a secret only He had access to, while I was with this person several weeks ago. I told Jason on our way home what God had told me and Jason kind of brushed it off, hearing from God can be a tricky thing sometimes anyway, right?
Well, last night we got a call from this person who wouldn't you know it, had something to share with us.
I know in my soul that God revealed that to me personally so that I would know He is listening to my heart and is making a path to true intimacy with this person, and that He knew I needed a little assurance that it was going to happen at some point. . .
I love being intimately in a walk with the God of all knowledge, all power, all access, and all love. My God is not silent, He speaks Life, love, grace, mercy, compassion, correction, and consequence into my life moment by moment to encourage, steer, and love on me. Nothing I pray over is to insignificant for Him to respond to.
I'm excited about the future. I can't wait to see all the cool oportunities that God arranges for this person and I to appreciate each other, and learn to really value each other and enjoy our relationship for a lot of great years to come. And I know that God in His perfect timing will keep me patient while the old foundation our relationship is built on is shored up with new piers and a stronger one layed down that will be true and lasting.
Thanks God, you did it again.