Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have the best kids on the planet!

My kids all left to spend the night with friends last night and it got me to really noticing all the little things I take for granted with them around. Usually the noise level in our home is so distracting it's hard to take in anything else. I loved having a night off and a day like today to make headway on work and house, but I missed their sweet goodnight hugs, and I missed Corban coming in and snuggling with me this morning, and I even now miss their arguing and whining coming down the hall to get me to take their side in whatever's going on between them, which never happens, and yet, they always try. . . So, I thought I would take this quiet moment to show you the life of luxury I live in . . . my kids are always hanging up new posters, and leaving trinkets for me to find, and it makes my life absolutely glorious.
Let's start with one of my favorites from Brooklyn. . .

This one was taped above our bed one day and for those of you playing along at home the poster is divided in half by the blue and purple line across the middle and Brooklyn has provided the key with mom and dad respectively on their sides of the line. So the top portion is me. Everyone deserves to know others think they're buetifule and genorouse, isn't that precious? And Daddy, what Dad doesn't want their children to think they're cool, and in case you didn't know, yes, daddy's bald.
And Nathan's wake up message for us

This one is taped on the outside of our shower door facing in so that we read it while we're in the shower. We Rock, and Jesus listened to headphones on the cross. Don't you just love the sound waves reverberating out from the 80's style muffs? Man! Jesus knows how to rock out!
And Corban's messages with Brooklyn as his scribe
Jason had taken the kids to the specialty pet shop on this day and so Corban drew the $6,000 monkeys swinging through all of his words.

This is a handmade maraca from Nathan so I could play myself some music while I work and a clay M for me to keep from Brooklyn ( she put it in the freezer before giving it to me so that it would stay hard)!

I think all their hard work has inspired me. I'm going to design some killer cups today, and I think I'll go hang a few posters in their room before daddy picks them up on his way home from work!