Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming at "Leah's" House

Jason has a new coworker at work and we've had the honor of getting to know her and her husband recently because Jason has volunteered us to dogsit their dog two or three times over the last month when they've gone out of town. Leah is a precious Puggle that Ella adores having over because she has the energy to keep up with her! Dave and Jenn are recent Citi transplants here from Colorado, so we have enjoyed watching them learn to adjust to the Texas summer. As a thank you they invited us over to swim, cook out and watch a movie in their media room today.The kids loved the pool, we even threw Ella in for her first swim, which I can't say she really enjoyed. The dogs played non stop, covering themselves in mud and slober, while the kids swam and swam and swam. After dinner, we settled in to watch The Mummy. We made it half way through when Jason and I were slowly covered up by shaking children, at which point we decided to switch it off and turn on cartoons. Need to rent it I guess to see how it turned out . . . although since The Mummy 3 just came out, I guess they lived to explore another day. . .